About Us
Since 2003 our team at PSB has been sound designing, sampling, programming and developing sound libraries for producers, musicians and other online media companies. Our goal is to supply distinct audio samples to niche music markets by producing professionally recorded acoustic, analog/digital sounds played in styles of underground, alternative and modern music.

All of our sample libraries are recorded and/or mixed with Pro Tools HD ® and dithered with Apogee ® UV22 converters for the best sample quality available. The studio is also equipped with analog and modern outboard gear for processing dynamics and effects. Our engineers are audio extremists and will try new ways to mix sounds like sample from reel to reel tape or filtering with Kyma ®. Whatever the scenario, we do our best to offer innovative and useful products to our customers.

Our team is constantly expanding from a global network of talented producers, engineers, musicians and sound designers that share the same vision to create quality sample libraries for today's modern musicians. We strongly believe in keeping our high standards of innovation and creativeness which is why each contributor works in co-ordination with our executive producer to ensure a constant stream of excellence.

Our reputation has popularized as one of the leading audio resources and our goal to maintain our commitment to delivering the best sample libraries available.

The PSB Team

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